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Book Chapter QI

Estrada, E. Back to the Origins: Using Matrix Functions of Huckel Hamiltonian for Quantum Interference. In the book Theoretical and Quantum Chemistry at the Dawn of the 21th Century, Edited by R. Carbo-Dorca and T. Chakraborty, Apple Academy Press 2018. [PDF]

Path Laplacian 2

Estrada, E., Hameed, E., Langer, M., Puchalska, A. Path-Laplacian operators and superdiffusive processes on graphs. II. Two-dimensional lattice. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 555, 2018, 373-397. [PDF]


Estrada, E. The electron density function of the Hϋckel (tight-binding) model. Proceeding of the Royal Society A, 474, 2018, 20170721. [PDF]