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2008 (2)
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2007 (1)
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2006 (5)
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2005 (1)
  1. Vilar, S.; Estrada, E.; Uriarte, E.; Santana, L.; Gutierrez, Y. In Silico Studies toward the Discovery of New Anti-HIV Nucleoside Compounds through the Use of TOPS-MODE and 2D/3D Connectivity Indices. 2. Purine Derivatives. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 45, 2005, 502-514. [PDF]

2004 (6)
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2003 (4)
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2002 (3)
  1. Estrada, E.; Vilar, S.; Uriarte, E.; Gutierrez, Y. In Silico Studies toward the Discovery of New Anti-HIV Nucleoside Compounds with the Use of TOPS-MODE and 2D/3D Connectivity Indices. 1. Pyrimidyl Derivatives. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences 42, 2002, 1194-1203.

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2001 (5)
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2000 (7)
  1. Estrada, E.; Perdomo-Lopez, I.; Torres-Labandeira, J. J. Molecular modeling (MM2 and PM3) and experimental (NMR and thermal analysis) studies on the inclusion complex of salbutamol and Β-cyclodextrin. The Journal of Organic Chemistry 65, 2000, 8510-8517.

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1999 (1)
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1998 (3)
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1994 (1)
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