Professor Estrada has an internationally leading reputation for shaping and developing the study of complex networks. His expertise ranges in the areas of network structure, algebraic network theory, dynamical systems on networks and the study of random models of networks. He has a distinguished track record of high-quality publications, which has attracted more than 8,000 citations. His h-index (number of papers with at least h citations) is 51. His publications are in the areas of network theory and its applications to social, ecological, engineering, physical, chemical and biological real-world problems. Professor Estrada has published two text books on network sciences both published by Oxford University Press in 2011 and 2015, respectively. He has demonstrated a continuous international leadership in his field where he has been invited and plenary speaker at the major conferences in network sciences and applied mathematics.

Currently he is involved in the following general research areas:

• Structural characterisation of complex networks via the use of matrix functions
• Mathematical analysis of random geometric networks
• Study of generalised Laplacian operators for networks
• Development of generalised diffusion models for networks
• Study of indirect peer pressure over consensus dynamics on networks
• Development of generalised classical and quantum random walk models on networks
• Applications of network sciences to oil and gas exploration
• Characterisation of spatial efficiency of networks
• Study of Euclidean geometrical embedding of networks
• Application of network theory to study the efficiency of airport transportation networks
• Application of network theory to ecology and social sciences
• Study of protein-protein interaction networks as potential drug targets
• Use of network theory to study structural and physico-chemical properties of proteins
• Applications of network theory to material sciences.

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