Prof. Estrada is internationally reputed for his research on “the relationship among cognitive bias, investor behavior and performance in FX”, having fully understood complex financial and economic systems. His expertise and knowledge around finance contribute to optimization of decision makings through AI to bolster investment performance of FX. He has published at least 85 related high-quality discourses with more than 1,800 citations for other academic papers. Prof. Estrada has overseen making of three textbooks about investment performance of FX. He has been invited to important conferences about financial engineering (as the main speaker), having globally led the concerned fields.

Currently he is involved in the following general research areas:

• Cognitive biases in FX
• Investment performance of FX
• FX trading tapping AI

# Comparison of and insights on cognitive biases in decision-makings for FX, Prof. Estrada
# Updates on empirical analyses of investment performance of FX, Prof. Estrada
# Algorism of continuous learning to tap AI in FX trading, Prof. Estrada